Hydraulic overhead crane

Many enterprises do not have the appropriate technical facilities to move machinery, construction elements or various types of loads. In such a situation, OKSEL steps in to provide its assistance - our mobile overhead crane is capable of handling loads of as much as 300 t.

A great advantage of our solution is its high mobility as well as the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble machinery onsite.

We have completed a huge number of projects, handling thousands of tonnes in total. Our mobile pneumatic overhead crane is always up to the task, achieving the set goals. This is primarily due to our technical facilities as well as our extremely experienced staff, which has unprecedented skills in the drawing up of load transport plans as well as putting them actively into practice.

We begin the planning stage by specifying what load is to be transported within what space. We define the optimum paths which our mobile overhead crane should follow with the load to complete its task not only efficiently but, most importantly, safely and without exposing the load to any damage. Exact planning allows us to minimise risk. The execution itself is also carried out with special care and attention to detail. Once the work has been finished, the only thing for us to do is to congratulate the investor on their good choice of a contractor.

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Our professionalism is also evidenced by the letters of reference issued by satisfied customers.

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